Novinka - Imagine Room

School-Age Imagine Room Program. 

Before- and after- school education for 5-12 year olds

Imagine Room School-Age Program. 

Even after school´s out for the day, children need to be engaged in a comfortable, yet stimulating child care environment. That´s where Imagine Room comes in. This innovative before- and after- school program allows kindergarten and school- age children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences. From homework help to fun physical activities, our early education program is designed so that everyone goes home happy.

  • Everything we do is designed for learning
  • Our School-Age Program Features
  • Daily physical activities that keep your child active and healthy
  • Regular teacher-family communication, including updates to keep you informed
  • Regular homework support
  • Emphasis on developing leadership and communication skills through the Classroom Council
  • A comfortable environment designed to boost your child´s confidence, self-esteem, character, and social skills

Your child's early education at Imagine Room. 

Our five areas of focus give your child endless opportunities to learn and grow.

  • Communicating with Others
  • Imagine Room helps your child develop effective communication skills and inspire your child to enjoy learning
  • We provide opportunities to practice active listening, negotiation, compromise, and leadership through the Classroom Council: support teamwork on long-term projects, and encourage language and communication skills through literacy, drama, and music clubs
  • Building Brain Power

We provide experiences that develop your child´s ability to problem-solve, observe, predict, and explore cause- and –effect relationships. Provide opportunities to explore math relationships such as classification: and provide support and time to complete homework and school projects.

Your Child's Day 

Children spend time with friends and enjoy activities that are relevant to school-age interests. We help children think, feel, and experience new challenges.In our programs, school-age children will develop complex coordination skills, engage with peers, and practice group study. They will begin to express their goals and wishes as they seek self-identity and explore interests and behaviors in an age-appropriate way.With before- and after-school programs at Imagine Room, your child will ride a wave of success toward social, emotional, physical, and intellectual maturity. Catch the Wave at Imagine Room and learn how to enroll your child today.


Your child will communicate with others verbally and nonverbally to engage the world around them. Your child will make new friends and gain the confidence, self-esteem, and negotiating skills necessary for a lifetime of healthy relationships.

Children will enjoy a safe, nurturing “home away from home¨ where they can learn to express themselves and understand their own unique identities. Your child will gain the comfort and confidence to forge trusting relationships, value their individuality, and have fun just being himself.

We focus on the physical health and well-being of your child so he grows up safe and strong. Motor skill development, coordination, mobility, and exercise all help ensure your growing child has a healthy body for a lifetime.

Our early education programs help build brain power by supporting the development of judgment, perception, memory, reasoning, critical thinking, and language through a series of age-appropriate cognitive activities. Reading, writing, and math are important and children learn by experiencing the world around them.

At Imagine Room Learning Center, we remain committed to bring the highest quality early childhood education and care to our children and their families, and we update our programs frequently with some of the most innovative thinking in early childhood development and education. From foreign languages to social, emotional, intellectual and physical development, Imagine Room continues to lead the industry in advanced academic opportunities for young children.

When school's out, we're in session

When your local public schools are closed for breaks, we´re got the perfect backup plan!We´re created winter, spring, and summer break activities that are fun, and safe the day when schools is out. We have preschool and school-age programs that kids love, and we offer flexible scheduling options to meet the needs of busy families like yours.

Spring Break 

This Spring Break, we´re sampling our summer programs. It´s a school-break solution that can´t be beat- and our flexible scheduling works for busy families.

Summer camp 

Our six action-filled themes are full of fun and learning. Check back later to learn how our summer camp will create summer memories that last a lifetime.

Winter Break

It´s a scientific fact: Imagine Room is the place to be when school´s out for winter break. Our fun-filled Science Discovery Days help kids uncover the answers to their burning how, what, and why questions.

Come every day or choose what works for you!